Virtual Veterinary Education Tools (VVET) Team Members


Christianna MageeChristianne Magee, DVM, PhD, DACT
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Sciences

Program Lead

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Dr. Magee graduated from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in 2004. After completing an internship in large animal medicine, she and her husband moved to Colorado where she was to complete a two-year residency in equine reproduction at the famed CSU Equine Reproduction Laboratory. Fortunately for us, Dr. Magee and her husband fell in love with Colorado and she completed a PhD in reproductive endocrinolgy in 2010 at CSU's Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory. Dr. Magee teaches in the Colorado State University Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program, where she serves as the course director for Veterinary Physiology and is a floor anatomist for Veterinary Anatomy. She is also the advisor for the biomedical sciences Master of Science animal anatomy concentration, oversees all aspects of domestic animal instruction in the undergraduate and graduate programs in biomedical sciences, and teaches Domestic Animal Anatomy, Dissection, and Case-Based Learning. Dr. Magee maintains an active research laboratory where she studies the role of kisspeptin in the horse and collaborates with others to study several aspects of neuroendocrinology. She is the project lead for the Virtual Veterinary Education Tools team and the development of the suite of Virtual Animal Anatomy (VAA) programs. Dr. Magee participates in the DVM Admissions Multiple Mini-Interview process and assists with several aspects of DVM student success. Outside of work, Dr. Magee enjoys gardening, skiing, riding horses, and spending time with her husband and their daughter.


L. Ray Whalen, DVM, PhD

Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Program Mentor

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Jeremy DelcambreJeremy Delcambre, DVM, MS
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Science

After a two-year stint as a surgical technician, Dr. Delcambre began teaching anatomy while completing a master’s degree in Biology at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Wanting to pursue anatomic education led him to attend Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2009. Following his DVM degree, Dr. Delcambre completed a two year Post-Doctoral fellowship at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where he instructed in various anatomy courses, and trained in multiple methods of specimen preparation, including embalming, dissection, maceration, and specimen articulation. Dr. Delcambre moved to Fort Collins in the summer of 2013, to begin working at Colorado State University, and he now teaches in undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary anatomy courses and is the coordinator of the Exotic Animal Anatomy and Husbandry course for the DVM program. He also serves as faculty adviser for various groups, is on the DVM Admissions Committee, the DVM Scholastic Standards Committee, is a co-coordinator for the DVM ROLE Orientation Program, and serves as the Chair of the DVM Professionalism Group. He also spearheads several DVM wellness initiatives including a student running groups. 


Anna Dee Fails, DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Department of Biomedical Sciences
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Brittany Runyan, MS
Program Coordinator 


Andrea LintonAndrea Linton, MS
Lead Developer, Instructional Designer

Andrea Linton is passionate about helping people reach their educational goals with effective instructional programs. Her passion started with her own love of learning. Andrea attended Utah State University as a presidential scholar and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology with honors. She continued her education in the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University, and as a culmination of her Master of Science program, she moved to Fort Collins to train as an instructional technologist in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University. Andrea enjoyed working with the talented individuals at the university so much that she decided to continue her career there. Outside of work, Andrea likes spending time with her family and friends, volunteering in her daughters’ school tutoring children, learning about different cultures and perspectives, and learning languages. 


Andrew GarrettAndrew Garrett, MS
Developer, Animal Anatomy Instructor

Mr. Andrew Garrett grew up in Longmont, Colorado and moved to Fort Collins in 2010 to attend Colorado State University.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental health in 2014 and a Master of Science degree in biomedical sciences in 2017.  While in graduate school, Mr. Garrett also served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Biology Department as well as the Biomedical Sciences Department.  After graduation, he joined CSU’s Virtual Veterinary Education Tools team to help further develop Virtual Animal Anatomy (VAA). In addition to Andrew’s role as a VAA program developer, he also currently serves as an anatomy instructor in CSU’s undergraduate and graduate domestic animal gross anatomy and dissection courses. Andrew enjoys doting on his cat, Nelson, getting outdoors, training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, baking, and playing his drumset. 





Jason Martin, MS
CSU DVM 2020, combined PhD student